Saturday, 28 July 2012

Online QTP Training Comprehensive Learning

Online Education, Online QTP TrainingIn recent times, is to test a part of the life cycle of software development (SDLC). It is important to test the software in time to play in the development stage, so that errors can be detected before it is too late. This will most likely reduce the cost of construction and maintenance of software. There are two techniques for manual and automated testing are used. Because manual testing more tedious, time consuming, costly and error prone, automated testing is increasingly popular today. This is why students try to develop skills in a variety of projects test automation equipment such as quick Test Professional (QTP), originally developed by Mercury Interactive. However, HP acquired Mercury in 2006 and thus QTP 11 is currently offered by the Division of HP Software.

QTP online training is currently the best option for candidates who want to master this instrument. Advances in web technology to make sure that you are not the traditional classroom and may in fact go away more benefits than this one. There are some institutions that have revolutionized the training of Quick Test Pro via Internet. Pursuing a career in the virtual world is easy, convenient, affordable and work-oriented. You can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world without worrying about the schedule.

The main advantages of web-based training include:
• Round-hour access to the class
• Audio / video-based interactive learning
• Lots of repetition
• Daily support instructor
• Many of the tasks and quizzes
• and placement assistance, even

Quick Test Professional is designed to evaluate the functional and non functional testing of Web applications and run for office. It works by recognizing the objects in their Web page or clean graphical interface and perform the desired functions, such as key events or mouse clicks. Keyword driven testing enables people with skills to produce a script zero test case solid. The VBScript scripting language is also used as a more advanced methods.

Back to the QTP online training, students can obtain course content is divided in several modules. During a QTP People with access to 2 months consists of 19 classes that are introducing things like bridges, and recording the script, the introduction of object repository, synchronizing, checkpoint database configuration, recovery scenarios, descriptive programming (DP), the different versions QTP, automation framework, the introduction of VBScript, VBScript operators, statements, functions, etc.
After completing the class, students can test their skills by trying many assignments and quizzes offered by the Quick Test Pro. There are over 100 questionnaires are available on several major sites. These questions are useful to prepare for the interview because many companies make the screening of candidates by means such as multiple choice questions only. Before signing, QTP questionnaire available on several reputable websites below. The answers are in bold.

A. The following files are recognized as an action model
   I   template.mst Action
   II  Action_template.mst
   III Action Templates.mst
   IV  Action Template.mst
B. For a specific property to be used to identify objects, but properties that are not listed in the list of properties. So how do you recognize this Article?
   I   have a particular property Add to list
   II  Use the default home
   III Use of other properties for you to identify the object
C. You will use the recording mode for an object not recognized by QuickTest.
   I   record mode low-level
   II  normal recording
   III Analog


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