Thursday, 16 August 2012

ComputerWorld - Android 4.0: The ultimate guide (plus cheat sheet)

How to find your way around Google's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and make the most of its new features...

All about Android 4.0

  • Home screen and navigation
  • Notifications
  • Apps and app management
  • Settings
  • Search and voice control
  • Text input
  • File management and sharing
  • Android 4.0 cheat sheet
  • Android 4.0 image gallery

What about Jelly Bean?

Although Google announced Android 4.1, a.k.a. Jelly Bean, in June, that release is just now starting to roll out to devices and likely won't reach the majority of phones for a while. Android 4.0 is the OS that most of us are getting to know right now; it comes preloaded on many new phones and is currently being rolled out to existing handsets. And as the version number indicates, Android 4.1 is more about refinement than revolution; once you're up to speed with ICS, Jelly Bean is a short hop away.

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